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FaceTite® in Dallas, TX

The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics specializes in non-surgical, minimally invasive treatments for men and women in Rockwall, Heath, Dallas, Plano, and the nearby areas of Texas. Our FaceTite® procedure is a type of non-surgical facelift, and it can also be used in the neck area.

What is FaceTite®?

FaceTite® uses radiofrequency energy to gently warm tissues to tighten and tone the skin. FaceTite® results in a younger appearance without surgery, making this an ideal solution for men and women who are interested in a minimally invasive facelift.

How Much Does FaceTite® Cost?

The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics offers free consultations with Dr. Joshua Baker, so you can find out FaceTite® your best option as well as other details, such as the cost of treatment. We also explain our financing options through CareCredit®, LendingUSA® and GreenSky®. The average cost of our FaceTite® treatment starts at $3,000.

FaceTite® in Dallas, TX
FaceTite® in Dallas, TX

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How Can FaceTite™ Be Used for the Neck?

The FaceTite™ device can also be used to reduce banding and loose skin around the neck. The device uses radiofrequency energy to tighten and tone the skin around the neck to produce an overall smoother and more youthful look.

What Should I Know About FaceTite® vs. Ultherapy®?

FaceTite® and Ultherapy® are both types of non-surgical facelifts, but FaceTite® offers some advantages. FaceTite® produces less discomfort, so patients tolerate the treatment more comfortably. FaceTite® is also proven to produce more dramatic improvements compared to Ultherapy®.


Am I a Candidate for FaceTite®?

You should be in good health before having any type of cosmetic procedure. FaceTite® is recommended for the non-surgical correction of lax skin, stubborn fat and wrinkles in the facial area, jowls, and neck.

What Happens During the FaceTite® Procedure?

FaceTite® results in tissue remodeling that is stimulated by administering radiofrequency energy inside the skin and on the surface. A small probe is inserted through an incision. Dr. Baker then slowly pulls the probe from the tissues while applying the radiofrequency energy. The FaceTite® procedure reduces fat, stimulates collagen, and tightens the skin.

What Should I Expect During FaceTite® Recovery?

After your FaceTite® treatment, expect some swelling, bruising and tenderness. FaceTite® recovery may take several days or weeks, depending on the size and location of the treatment area.

How Long Do FaceTite® Results Last?

How long the results of your FaceTite® treatment last depend on several factors. Some patients require FaceTite® maintenance treatments every six months while other can go several years between treatments.

The Retreat Restorative & Aesthetics offers FaceTite® for men and women in Rockwall, Heath, Dallas, Plano, and the nearby areas of Texas. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Joshua Baker.