Quantum Breast

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One of the more novel applications of our QuantumBody system is the Quantum Breast minimally invasive breast lift. This procedure leverages the internal and external application of safe, effective RF energy to contract and tighten connective tissue and skin in the breast, producing a flattering lift as it heals. 

Unlike a surgical breast lift, which can leave obtrusive scars across the breast, Quantum Breast is an incision-free, minimally invasive procedure. Eligible candidates will be pleased by their uplifting results

Another advantage is that Quantum Breast offers downtime measured in hours, as typically the patient can return to their regular routine the day following surgery. A traditional breast lift, on the other hand, often involves several days if not weeks of downtime as the initial incisions heal and the extended recovery process begins. 

Ideal candidates are women who have average size breasts and need 1-3 inches of lift. Our patients prefer not to undergo a procedure that leaves them with scars on their breasts.

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